Timelapse Marble

Timelapse of a marble I made at the OSU Craft Center.

Glass Beads

I've been going to glass club at Notre Dame for the past couple of semesters, where I spend my time making glass beads/lampworking. Currently I'm working with borosilicate, including beads and off-mandrel marbles and small sculpture.

Stained Glass

Back in Marquette, MI, I often went to the local stained glass studio to work. The small butterflies are around three inches, the medium butterflies around 4 1/2, and the large ones around 5 1/2. The large star pattern is around a foot tall, if I remember correctly. Only the icosahedron (4 1/2 inches, white stained glass) and candle holder (which is mixed, copper foil for the trees and frit for the leaves embedded between slumped plates) were created at Notre Dame.