#ifndef _LLH_
#define _LLH_
#include <string>
using namespace std;

class LL;
class LLN;

class LL
   LLN *head;
   LL ();
   ~LL ();
   void print ();
   void split();
   void addfront (string str);
   void sort (); //Sorts a LL in alphabetical order

class LLN
     LLN *next;
     string s;
   LLN (string str, LLN *n);
   ~LLN ();
   void print ();

   LLN *sort (); //Sorts the list from this point down;
                //returns the new head of this sorted list

   LLN *split (); //Splits the list in half.  If original list is
                 //1->2->3->4->5->... , the new lists are 1->3->5->...
                 //and 2->4->6->... this is still node 1 (of course) and
                 //the pointer to node 2 is returned.

   LLN *merge (LLN *o); //merges two sorted lists.  this is the head of
                       //one list; o is the head of the other.  The new
                       //head of the merged list is returned.